Rockets fired near ceremony by Hezbollah in Lebanon

Two rocket-propelled grenades were fired Sunday near a ceremony being held for a missing Lebanese fighter and attended by a Hezbollah parliamentarian, police said.

Rockets fired near ceremony by Hezbollah in Lebanon
Hezbollah MP Hussein al-Haj Hassan was addressing the event at the time in Minya, north of Tripoli, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the suspected abduction by Israel of Yehya Skaff.

The incident did not stop the ceremony and no casualties were reported.

The rockets were fired despite heavy measures of the Lebanese internal security forces after Minya residents threatened to sabotage the ceremony if Hezbollah attended.

Minya is considered a stronghold of supporters of Lebanon's Western-backed government.

Hezbollah followers have accused members of the Future Movement, led by the head of the ruling majority Saad Hariri.

The ceremony was for Skaff, a fightert who fought alongside the main Palestine Liberation Organisation faction Fatah.

Hezbollah says that Skaff has been jailed in Israel for the past 30 years, but Israel has denied that Skaff is among Lebanese still jailed in Israel.


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