Sarkozy: No talks with Taliban, Hamas, Iran

French President Nicolas Sarkozy saidThursday that he would not hold talks with Taliban in Afghanistan, Hamas in the Palestinian territories nor Iran's president.

Sarkozy: No talks with Taliban, Hamas, Iran
Signalling a tough stance on some of the world's troublespots and defending his decision to send extra troops to Afghanistan, Sarkozy said that if France abandons the Afghan government "Pakistan will fall like a house of cards".

"We are in Afghanistan," Sarkozy said in a primetime television interview.

"Next to Afghanistan there is Pakistan, there is an atomic bomb," he added. "If we let Afghanistan fall, Pakistan will fall like a house of cards.

Sarkozy this month announced that France would send an extra 700 troops to Afghanistan.

Sarkozy had a similar message for the Hamas leadership and Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Sarkozy said that EU aid and money should be given to Palestinian authority president Mahmud Abbas and not to Hamas which rules Gaza.

"We have to give it to people who understand that there is no future without the recognition of Israel (as) there is no future for Israel without the recognition of a modern, democratic and secure Palestinian state."

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