Scorpion eating man in Turkey / video

Whoever sees him is a little bit surprised because he eats scorpions.

Scorpion eating man in Turkey / video

M.Hasan UNCULAR / Worldbulletin

A 46 year old man in Muğla-Milas of Turkey is eating scorpions as if he is eating pop corn.

Hasip Kaya says he has been eating scorpions starting from his childhood and this is a habbit that he cannot give up.

Kaya married with two children says that as a precaution against the scorpion stinging, his parents gave him a scorpion to eat when he was very young.

Kaya says his wife is a little hesitant for his scorpion eating. "Sometimes I feel the urge to eat scorpions and go out to find and eat some." he says.

Sometimes the villagers are also helping Kaya to find scorpions under the rocks.



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