'Singapore trade volumes should increase'

The Turkish and Singaporean parliament speakers yesterday pledged to increase political contacts and trade volume between the two countries at a meeting in Ankara.

'Singapore trade volumes should increase'
Parliament Speaker Köksal Toptan, hosting his Singaporean counterpart Abdullah Tarmugi, noted that the last senior-level contact between the Turkish and Singaporean parliaments was 18 years ago, when then Turkish Parliament Speaker Kaya Erdem visited Singapore.

"I hope future visits will not be so far apart," he said. Toptan also said trade ties between the two countries could flourish, adding that the current trade volume, which stands at $700 million, should be increased. In order to achieve such an increase, contacts between parliaments, governments and businessmen of the two countries should intensify, Toptan noted.

Tarmugi said there has been an increase in political and business contacts between Singapore and Turkey recently, adding that further interaction will deepen ties and cooperation. "We hope that our economic ties will grow beyond the current level," he said. But he also noted that relations between Singapore and Turkey should not be confined to business and economy. "Our multi-faceted relations should cover the areas of education and culture as well. Further progress in these fields will deepen understanding and familiarity between the two nations," said Tarmugi.

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