Somalian Islamists change leader through 'e-mail'

Somalian Islamists changed the leader in Eritrea meeting that 50 members were present while another 30 voted through emails.

Somalian Islamists change leader through 'e-mail'

Somalia's Islamist Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys said on Tuesday he had taken charge of the exiled opposition in Eritrea from its chairman who attended U.N.-brokered peace talks last month.

"Now I Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys am the chairman of the executive committee as well as the general head," Sheikh Dahir Aweys, told Reuters by phone.

He takes over as head of the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia (ARS) from the Sheikh Sharif Ahmed.

"Sheikh Sharif was replaced because he and his group hated and left the Somali Re-Liberation group in Asmara," he said.

Somalia's interim government and some members of the ARS signed a deal in Djibouti last month calling for the deployment of U.N. peacekeepers and agreeing to a ceasefire after a month.

Aweys and other Islamists rejected the pact.

Ismail Adow, the assistant chairman for public affairs for the ARS said the group ousted Ahmed because he had been absent from the opposition's headquarters in Asmara.

"(He) has violated many important rules and has also been away for about three months," he said adding that there had been a quorum to vote for the change.

"Fifty members were present today while another 30 voted through emails."

Sheikh Ahmed, who was chairing the group's meeting in Djibouti, dismissed the move.

"What they have said is null and void," his spokesman Suleiman Olad Roble said.


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