Spain courts may investigate opposition leaders

A senior Spanish judge asked two regional high courts to investigate whether charges should be laid against prominent members of the conservative opposition following his corruption probe.

Spain courts may investigate opposition leaders
Court papers on Thursday showed Judge Baltasar Garzon referred possible graft cases against Popular Party member and President of the regional Valencia government Francisco Camps and also the party's secretary general to the region Ricardo Costa to the Valencia high court.

The judge also referred three cases against regional PP deputies Alberto Lopez Viejo, Benjamin Martin Vasco and Alfonso Bosh to Madrid's high court.

The two courts must now decide whether they are competent to proceed. Reasons for Garzon's referrals were not released.

The PP has said judge's investigation was designed as a smear campaign against the party and that he is acting in league with the Socialist government.

The cases are the first time the party members have been officially named as possible suspects in legal proceeding following a corruption probe by Garzon.


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