Talabani says 'political solution for Kurd issue, not violence'

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani commented Monday on PKK terror and said "the era of violence and terror was over."

Talabani says 'political solution for Kurd issue, not violence'

In an exclusive interview with private TV channel, CNN Turk, Talabani said "a new era of political dialogue, peaceful struggle and diplomacy had begun".
Talabani referred to Democratic Society Party (DTP) chairman Ahmet Turk's recent visit to Iraq noting that they supported their approach "seeking a peaceful solution to the issue."

He said "with the help of the Kurdish population in Iraq, they were ready to exert efforts to urge terrorists on mountains to lay down their weapons and help the political process in Turkey to flourish."

Talabani said "unlike the past there was a political party (DTP) representing the Kurds in Turkey, at the Parliament, noting that the way to struggle with the issue was through politics and not violence".

He said "Kurds in Turkey needed to understand that their problems could not be solved with PKK's, but DTP's methods."

Commenting on Turkish President Abdullah Gul's recently postponed visit to Iraq, Talabani said it would have served to enhance the relations between the two countries and increase the efficiency of the strategic agreement signed by prime ministers of the two countries.

He said the Kurdish leaders in Iraq were enthusiastic about enhancing relations with Turkey, noting that Iraqi Kurds were starting to grasp the importance of good neighbourly relations with Turkey.

"We favour boosting our relations with Turkey in the areas of economy, politics, fuel oil, natural gas and commerce," said Talabani.

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