Tehran: Sarkozy remarks on Iranian missile threat 'baseless'

Iran Saturday said remarks by French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Iranian missiles being a threat to France and Europe were "baseless."

Tehran: Sarkozy remarks on Iranian missile threat 'baseless'
"The baseless claims were made to secure the interests of hard- liners in the United States, support the Zionist (Israeli) media propaganda (against Iran) and increase arms sales to the regional (Gulf) states," Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said.

Speaking Friday in the northern French port of Cherbourg, Sarkozy said that Tehran is increasing the range of its missiles while there are serious suspicions over its nuclear programme. European security is at stake.

The website of the Iranian state television IRIB further quoted Hosseini as saying that Iran has been a centre for peace and stability in the Gulf, and its foreign policy guidelines constantly based on international rules and regulations.

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