Tens of thousands in Europe: 'We are all Palestinians'

Tens of thousands of demonstrators poured onto the streets of major European cities on Sunday to protest Israel's assault on Gaza.

Tens of thousands in Europe: 'We are all Palestinians'

Around 30,000 people demonstrated in Brussels, some carrying models of bloodied Gaza children, while more than 1,000 formed a human chain to march through Rome.

"Enough with the bombs, enough with the massacre, enough with the Gaza occupation, enough with the destruction of lives and houses and enough with the death of children," said Chiara Palladini, a demonstrator in Rome.

The Palestinian death toll since Israel's offensive began reaches to nearly 900.

Israel says three civilians hit by rocket fire died.

Thousands of demonstrators including high-profile actors and politicians marched peacefully through Spain's Madrid demanding increased international action against Israel's offensive, some chanting "We are all Palestinians".

In Italy, where thousands marched in Naples and Genoa to demand an end to Israeli violence in Gaza.


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