The First 40 days of the Turkish Parliament

23th Period of The Grand National Assembly of Turkey will start to work on the 4th of August with the swearing ceremony.

The First 40 days of the Turkish Parliament

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The members of parliament later will choose the Chairman of the parliament and the 11th President of Turkey, also they will join for the confidence vote for the government.

The legislative period of the 23th term parliament will start at 15.00 on the 4th of August. The meeting that the MPs will swear, will be headed by the oldest member of the parliament Şükrü Elekdağ(83) from the CHP. The youngest two MPs will be have a task as writing clerks. These two members should possibly be AKP Tokat MP Dilek Yüksel (30) and AKP Istanbul MP Özlem Türköne. (31)

After the swearing ceremony, five-day break will be given for the election of the chairman of the parliament. After the five-day break, the candidates for the chairman of the parliament will be determined, later within 5 days there will be the election for the chairman of the parliament. With the secret election in the first two, three second of the complete members, in the third voting quorum is needed. If the quorum is not available in the third voting, there will be the fourth voting between the two candidates who take the most of the votes. The one who takes the most of the votes in the fourth voting will be the chairman of the parliament.

Presidential Election and the confidence vote for the government

After the formation of the Council of the Grand National Assembly Chairman, two processes will start in the parliament. One of these is the process for the election of the 11th president, the other one is the confidence vote for the 60th government.

It is expected that the President Ahmet Necdet Sezer is going to give the duty to establish the 60th cabinet of the Turkish Republic to the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Erdoğan is expected to present the list of the new cabinet at most one week later. The programme of the 60th government will be read at most one week after the establishment of the 60th government and the confidence for the government will be voted.

By the way the process for the presidency election will start. Within the ten days of that the Counsel of the Grand National Assembly will declare, the presidency candidacy applications will start. Within 20 days the election will be over.
The same period the MPs are going to choose the delegate groups of chairman and their friends for the commission of the Grand National Assembly.

So the first three highest positons in Turkey; first President, second Chairman of the Parliament, third Prime Minister will be chosen till the second week of September.

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