Trilateral mechanism agree to ban PKK's political party in Iraq

Trilateral mechanism between Turkey, Iraq and US finished a joint meeting in Baghdad.

Trilateral mechanism agree to ban PKK's political party in Iraq
A meeting of trilateral mechanism in Baghdad ended on Saturday.

Turkish Interior Minister Besir Atalay and Iraqi Minister of State for National Security Shirwan al-Waili talked to reporters following Saturday's meeting.

Al-Waili said that they published a declaration regarding the talks of Saturday and that this declaration was comprised of five articles.

According to the declaration, Turkey, Iraq and the United States consider PKK as a illegal organization, one which harmed both Turkey and Iraq.

The declaration states that the activities of PKK and its affiliate Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party was banned in Iraq.

The declaration confirmed a statement made recently by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani that the "PKK should either give up using arms or leave Iraq".

The declaration said that the efforts made against PKK in the past three months were reviewed and that a decision was taken to hold the next meeting of the trilateral mechanism in Turkey.

Asked by the AA correspondent about the steps to be taken to shut down a political bureau and newspaper of PKK in Kirkuk, al-Waili said that "we have decided to shut down everything that is related to PKK."

He also said that they will fight against all forms of militancy regardless of who they may be.

In response to another question on Turkey's (military) operations in north of Iraq, al-Waili said that the activities in the region are conducted based on the mutual agreements and talks.

"The trilateral mechanism, which was established earlier, resumed meetings in November. Every three months we review our activities," Atalay said.

Atalay said that they had witnessed a will on the part of all sides to eradicate the presence of PKK in north of Iraq. When the right time comes, we will make public the steps to be taken against PKK, Atalay added.

"We have designated solid duties to sub-committees on various matters, including intelligence," Atalay also said.


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