Turkey can not remain silent to civilian killings in Gaza, FM says

Turkish Foreign Minister said on Thursday that nobody should expect Turkey to remain indifferent to killing of children, women and elderly people in Gaza.

Turkey can not remain silent to civilian killings in Gaza, FM says

In an exclusive interview with private TGRT News channel, Foreign Minister Babacan said, "Turkey had intensive talks in Cairo, Egypt and Damascus on the matter and carried out a diplomacy traffic in the UN Security Council to quell the weapons. Turkey also had talks with Israel. Turkey's proposals were adopted after some changes."

Responding to a question about new U.S. President Barack Obama, Babacan described his election as historic.

"Expectations from Obama are very high. His team includes very important names. Turkey is "pleased" over Hillary Clinton's becoming Secretary of State. Foreign policy agendas of Turkey and the United States overlap each other. Names in the cabinet related to economy know the markets very well," Babacan said.

Commenting on the pledges Obama made to Armenians regarding 1915 incidents, Babacan said, "the statements made during election campaign and the statements that would be made when they sit at table may be different."

"Nevertheless, I can not say there isn't any risk," Babacan said and expressed hope that the new administration in the United States would not assume a posture that would impede the dialogue process that started between Turkey and Armenia.

Asked to comment on Turkey's EU process, Babacan said Turkey's reform process was delayed in 2007 and 2008 because of internal political developments, "however, map of next 4 years has been sketched with the National Program that was made public at the end of 2008," he remarked.

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