Turkey competes with Romania in Balkans investment

Turkey competes with Romania to be the first among countries in the world ranking for attractiveness for foreign investors, according to Ernst & Young Attractiveness of Balkans Survey.

Turkey competes with Romania in Balkans investment
By Worldbulletin staff

Bulgarian news agency reported, Romania ranks first, Turkey second, and Bulgaria third as the most attractive country for foreign investors in Balkans according to a research of Ernst&Young Turkey, the regional unit of one of the four biggest global auditing firms.

Turkey is trying to replace Romania from the first place.

According to the research, it has a balanced investment profile taking into account its internal market, infrastructure, telecommunications, standard of living, price of labor, transparency, and stability, Novinite said.

Ernst&Young recommends that Turkey preserve its political stability in order to continue being attractive for foreign investors.

About 800 businessmen and investors were questioned for the survey.

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