Turkey-Iran trade volume reaches $8bn

Turkey-Iran trade volume has reached $8 billion in 2007, marking an increase of 19.5 percent over the preceding year.

Turkey-Iran trade volume reaches $8bn

Turkey's imports from Iran rose 17.5 percent in 2007 to more than $6.6 billion, IRNA reported.

Ankara-Tehran's trade volume climbed 32.3 percent in January 2008 from the same month a year earlier to more than 700 million dollars, while Iran's exports to Turkey for the same period jumped 20.5 percent to $541 million.

The remarkable increase in bilateral trade is a measure of the significant improvement in economic relations between the two countries in recent years.

The Turkish Petroleum Company (TPAO) voiced interest last month in investing in Iran's South Pars gas-field.

Turkey's Energy Minister, Himli Guler, also said in mid-February that the country planned to cooperate with Switzerland in the construction of a gas pipeline to transport Iran's natural gas to Italy.

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