Turkey loses one of most important poets

Erdem Bayazıt succesfully wrote emotions of his public in his poems between 1958-2008 .

Turkey loses one of most important poets

By World Bulletin Staff

Erdem Beyazıt (1939-2008), was one of the most important poets of Turkish literature, died on Saturday in İstanbul.

Beyazıt, felt ill by lung cancer in 50th year of literatural life, wrote many poems that engraved on the mind of thousands of Turkish reader. He impressed deeply Anatolia and Anatolian people, hope, yeraning and love.

He started his literatural life with his school friends, including Zahit Zarifoglu, when he was going on his secondary education in Kahramanmaraş.

He went to İstanbul for law education and he was acquainted with Necip Fazil Kisakurek and Sezai Karakoc, two of the most important poets of Turkey, in there.

Beyazıt published his poems in many literatur magazins like "Büyük Doğu'', "Diriliş'', ''Edebiyat'' and than he and his freinds established their own magazin "Mavera".

Mavera started his publishing life with manifest "Mavera, is a meeting place of people who are following cause of putting our self-civilisation into action as a life style." ad it marked new era in Turkish history of thinking.

In 1981 July he joined a group, which consisted of important Turkish poets, left for capital of Pakhistan and Iran, India, Afghanistan. After this bi-month journey he wrote his experiments and impressions and he winned Press Prize of Writers Union of Turkey on his book "To Afghanistan from Silk Road".

In 1987, he elected as a member of 18. period Turkish parliament and he served in commisions of National Education and Environment.

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