Turkey, not US, to decide on N.Iraq moves-Erdogan

Turkish PM Erdogan said on Thursday Ankara would not be influenced by U.S. remarks when deciding whether to launch an incursion into N Iraq to crush PKK hiding there.

Turkey, not US, to decide on N.Iraq moves-Erdogan
Replying to reporters' questions during a visit to Romania, Erdogan said he wanted the United States to act with Turkey, a NATO ally, against the PKK. He did not say whether this meant a joint military operation.

"(The United States) may not want us to carry out a cross-border operation. But it is we who will decide whether to do one or not," Erdogan said.

"As a strategic ally of Turkey, the United States has to act together with Turkey. We acted together with them in Afghanistan. We must take and we will take steps against terrorism both on a national and an international level."

Turkey, which has NATO's second biggest army, has massed up to 100,000 troops along its mountainous border with Iraq, backed up by tanks, artillery, warplanes and helicopters, for a possible large-scale incursion.

Turkish and Iraqi diplomats were due to hold talks in Ankara later on Thursday on anti-PKK measures that might avert an invasion.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 25 Ekim 2007, 14:25