Turkey ranks 54th in per capita income

After reaching 9,333 USD of per capita national income following a recent change in calculation, Turkey ranked 54th in IMF's global GDP ranking.

Turkey ranks 54th in per capita income
Turkey was 64th in previous list which was based on 1987 calculation.

IMF's economic outlook database for October 2007 revealed that Turkey climbed to 54th, according to new figures based on 1998 series, outpacing Uruguay, world's 10th biggest economy Brazil, Gabon, Botswana, EU-member Romania, Equatorial Guinea, oil-rich Venezuela, Mexico, oil and natural gas-rich Russia and Seychelles.

On the other hand, Turkey's GDP reached 658.8 billion USD thanks to the new calculation and it preserved its 17th place in the list. Turkey's GDP according to former series was 482 billion USD.

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