Turkey-Spain governmental meeting to discuss several issues

Spanish Foreign Minister said ten ministers from Turkey and six ministers from Spain would attend the summit.

Turkey-Spain governmental meeting to discuss several issues

Turkey and Spain are getting ready to discuss a wide range of issues from bilateral relations and Cyprus issue to talks over Iran's nuclear programme, in the upcoming governmental meeting on February 21-22.

Spanish Foreign Minister Angel Moratinos, who got together with foreign reporters Friday said, as he would not be attending the summit due to his busy schedule, he would have a private meeting with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu on Sunday.

Moratinos said during the meeting details about Davutoglu's recent trip to Iran as well as efforts to resolve the Middle East problem, the Cyprus issue, and Spanish support to Tukey's EU bid would be discussed.

Spanish Foreign Minister said they were for opening of new chapters to negotiation in EU accession talks with Turkey.

"We are waiting for the new EU Commission to start working. We will assess the position of the commission and demand new chapters to be opened," said Moratinos.

Moratinos said as well as bilateral relations between Turkey and Spain, developments in the Middle East, Pakistan, the Balkans, and the Union for the Mediterranean, climate change and Alliance of Civilizations, global financial crisis and energy issues would be discussed during the meeting.

He said ten ministers from Turkey and six ministers from Spain would attend the summit.

Moratinos said they were hopeful about the progress in the extensive talks in Cyprus.

Commenting on the crisis between the international community and Iran, Moratinos said, they expected Iran to accept the proposal of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

He said Turkey's mediation in talks on Iran's nuclear program was important and Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan would inform them about the recent developments.

Moratinos said new diplomatic measures against Iran was on the way.

Moratinos said the Union for the Mediterranean would be finally established noting that he and foreign ministers of France and Egypt --Co-Chairs of the union-- would open the General Secretariat in Barcelona on March 4.


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