Turkey targets $5 bln trade volume with Egypt by 2011: Tuzmen

PM of Egypt Mohamed Nazif received Turkish State Minister Tuzmen and an accompanying delegation.

Turkey targets $5 bln trade volume with Egypt by 2011: Tuzmen

Prime Minister of Egypt Ahmed Mohamed Nazif received Thursday Turkish State Minister Kursad Tuzmen and an accompanying delegation in Cairo.

Tuzmen and Egyptian Minister of Foreign Trade and Industry, Rachid Mohamed Rachid, talked to reporters following a 40 minute meeting between Tuzmen and Egyptian Prime Minister Nazif.

"During our meeting today, we set up a goal between Turkey and Egypt. We plan to increase trade volume between Turkey and Egypt to five billion USD by the year 2011," Tuzmen said.

"There are projects by which cooperation between our two countries would be boosted," Tuzmen said. "Businessmen continue to hold talks (in Cairo)."

"We went over air, sea, land and railway transportation between Turkey and Egypt. The topic of flights between Istanbul and Alexandria came up in addition to existing flights between Istanbul and Cairo," Tuzmen said.

"Speeding up projects related to gas and energy, opening of ro-ro route between Mersin and Alexandria, beginning of express railway trips between Cairo and Alexandria as well as between Cairo and Burj Al Arab are important for the development of Turkish industry in the region," Tuzmen stressed.

"Prime Minister Nazif has always extended assistance to Turkey. We conveyed certain complaints of Turkish businessmen to Nazif, including visas, work permits and work durations," Tuzmen said.

Asked if the topic of Gaza came up during today's talks, Tuzmen said that Ahmed Nazif welcomed Turkey's initiatives regarding Gaza.

In response to a question on the future of Turkish-Egyptian relations, Tuzmen said that "projects gained momentum after the free trade agreement between Turkey and Egypt".

"We have exceeded our target of two billion USD as a trade volume between Turkey and Egypt. Now, we want to raise our trade volume to five billion USD by the year 2011," Tuzmen noted.

"There will be new investments of Turkish entrepreneurs in Egypt. You will see Turkish businessmen in all Egyptian projects, including those pertaining to infrastructure," Tuzmen said.

Egyptian minister of foreign trade&industry Rachid also said that "We discussed with Tuzmen economic and commercial relations between Turkey and Egypt."

"We have informed our Turkish counterparts that we want to utilize the experiences of Turkish companies for infrastructure and superstructure projects in Egypt," Rachid said.

The two sides agreed on future cooperation, Rachid also said.

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