Turkey to export goods to Asia-Pasific

Businessmen confederation president said Turkey was eager to export goods to the Asia-Pacific region.

Turkey to export goods to Asia-Pasific

The chairperson of a leading Turkish businessmen confederation said on Saturday that Turkey was eager to export goods to the Asia-Pacific region.

Chairperson Rizanur Meral of the Confederation of Businessmen & Industrialists of Turkey (TUSKON) replied to A.A's questions on Turkey's goals in foreign trade.

Meral said TUSKON would organize a "Eurasia Foreign Trade Bridge" meeting next week, which would bring together nearly 465 businessmen from 20 countries including Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan.

"Such region has a trade capacity of 6 trillion USD. There is a general prejudice that 'such region only sells goods, but does not purchase any'. In fact the countries in the region purchase goods worth nearly 2.9 trillion USD," Meral said.

He said that the 2-trillion part of those goods were exported from Western countries, and therefore, Turkey could have a place in such market as well.

Meral said Turkey's exports to the region was 4 billion USD currently and such figure should be increased to 25 billion USD in the next 5 years.

The term Asia-Pacific or APAC generally applies to littoral East Asia, Southeast Asia and Australasia near the Pacific Ocean, plus the states in the ocean itself (Oceania).

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