Turkey's AKP prepares 133-page booklet on Kurdish opening

Turkey's ruling party prepared on Friday a booklet on the democratic initiative.

Turkey's AKP prepares 133-page booklet on Kurdish opening

Turkey's ruling party prepared on Friday a booklet on the democratic initiative.

The ruling Justice & Development (AK) Party prepared the booklet to inform the Turkish nation more about its democratic initiative.

"This process is so broad that could not be only explained with concepts like Kurdish issue," the AK Party said in the booklet.

The booklet also said that the government aimed to minimize and find solutions to problems of Alevi citizens, minority groups, and several economic problems in Turkey particularly the unemployment problem.

The 133-page booklet said the national unity and brotherhood project aimed to develop Turkey, raise its prestige nationally and internationally, raise Turkish citizens' prosperity and peace and solve any problems before improvement of brotherhood.

"Also, we aim to handle problems of all ethnic and sectarian groups, particularly the terror problem, and minimize those problems," the booklet said.

In the booklet, the ruling party said it was out of question to make concessions of "single state, single nation, and single homeland" principle.

The booklet defined Turkish as the official language of Turkey, and said "official language" should not be confused with the concept of "mother tongue."

In the booklet, the party said there would be no change in the official language and the language of education, but all obstacles before use of mother tongue and radio and TV broadcasting in different languages and dialects should be lifted.

The booklet said terrorism could not be eradicated only with military measures, and fight against terrorism also had economic, social, cultural, psychological and sociological dimensions.

"Eliminating the atmosphere that feeds terrorism is a sine qua non requirement for countering terrorism and finding a solution to problems exploited by terrorism," it said.

In the booklet, the party said AK Party government would never make concessions of any illegal formation, and take any steps, contradicting best interests of the nation.

"Democratization steps are never a concession, but the way we are granting our citizens their most natural right," the booklet said.

The booklet said it was definitely out of question to pardon or re-try Abdullah Ocalan, the head of PKK who was sentenced to life in prison.

Also, the booklet enumerated some of the democratic steps as ending emergency rule implementation, amending Anti-Terror Law, adopting a regulation that enabled opening
courses in different languages and dialects, changing names of villages in case of any demand from villagers, minimizing highway controls, lifting plateau bans, amending political parties law to enable propaganda in different languages and dialects, preparing a law on establishing Human Rights Agency, and founding an independent mechanism to deal with complaints against security forces.

In the long term, the booklet said the government aimed to prepare a civil and democratic Constitution which would preserve the first three articles of the current one and the fundamental characteristics of the Republic.

On January 15, Turkey's Interior Minister Besir Atalay held a press conference in which he detailed the democratic initiative.

Atalay said different languages and dialects could be spoken between the inmates and their relatives in prisons. He also said Turkey would establish a quartet mechanism within the scope of its democratic initiative.

Atalay named those four mechanisms as an independent Turkish Human Rights Agency, an Anti-Discrimination and Equality Board, a commission where people could report complaints about security forces, and ratification of the optional protocol to the Convention against Torture.


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