Turkey's Aselsan develops wireless system with 3G tech

ASELSAN has turned the "new generation wireless" into a "mobile phone".

Turkey's Aselsan develops wireless system with 3G tech

A new communication system developed by Turkey's leading electronic defense company ASELSAN has turned the "new generation wireless" into a "mobile phone".

With ASELSAN's new infrastructure, wireless devices will be able to send text messages like mobile phones and transfer data such as photos and videos when used as modems.

In an effort to provide continuity of communication during disasters, crises or terrorist attacks, ASELSAN has been working on a new digital wireless system for the last 10 years. Nearly 50 engineers worked in the software development process and 40 million USD was spent for Research & Development (R&D) activities.

For the infrastructure of the new communication system, base stations and antenna towers that are resistant against strong earthquakes and storms, have been constructed in 20 provinces so far. Officials said that the necessary infrastructure would be established all across Turkey until 2016.

"This is the biggest integrated and digital wired & wireless communication system of Turkey. It provides rapid and on time access to information, speeds up coordination and enables the speedy offering of security services," officials said.

USA has shown great interest in ASELSAN's new generation digital wireless system and U.S. police and fire brigade units have purchased 6,000 devices so far, officials added.

ASELSAN is a leading electronics and electronic systems company in Turkey that designs, develops and manufactures modern electronic systems for military and industrial customers in Turkey and abroad.

The company, which is situated in Ankara, has four main divisions: Communications Devices Division (HC),Defense Systems Division (SST),Radar, Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Systems Division (REHIS), Microelectronics, Guidance and Electro-Optics Division (MGEO).

It produces military and professional communications systems, radar, electronic warfare and defense systems and command-control systems, hybrid microelectronic circuits, night vision devices, thermal cameras, laser ranger/designators and inertial navigation systems.


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