Turkey's Ekren meets senior Syrian officials

Turkish State Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Nazim Ekren, who currently in Syria, was received by Syrian President Bashar al-Asad on Sunday.

Turkey's Ekren meets senior Syrian officials

Ekren and al-Asad discussed regional matters concerning both country.

Minister Ekren, then, met with Prime Minister Naji al-Utri. They discussed bilateral relations as well as the steps which could be taken to further increase the trade volume between Turkey and Syria.

Al-Utri stressed the importance of regional peace, and said that it was necessary to restore comprehensive, fair and permanent peace in the region.

Noting that economic development was the second important issue for Turkey and Syria, al-Utri said that Turkey-Syria cooperation was important in this aspect.

Minister Ekren said that the most important condition for economic cooperation was political stability and peace.

Ekren said that after free trade agreement was signed, Syria's export to Turkey doubled.


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