Turkey's IHH initiates cataract surgeries in Somalia

The IHH, which initiated cataract surgeries in African countries of Benin Ghana, Togo, Niger, Chad and Sudan, has recently launched a similar project in Somalia.

Turkey's IHH initiates cataract surgeries in Somalia

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Cataract surgeries in Somali region of Hargeisa started on December 25, 2008 and 800 cataract patients have been brought to the light so far. A health team of two doctors and seven nurses are performing surgeries. The Somali Health Ministry appreciated the fact that all surgeries have been successful.

Patients pleased to see light

Old and young, man and woman patients who were able to recognize the light after surgery sent regards and thanks to charitable people of Turkey through our foundation.

"May Allah be pleased with the charitable person who helped bring me to the light. I will always pray for him/her," said Qirdisi after the surgery.

Muhammad Dedbus, 47, said he had been suffering from cataract for five years, but could not undergo surgery due to financial hardships. I did not believe it when I first heard people were operated on free-of-charge, he said, and added "I and my son left the village and came here to find out whether the news was true. I learnt that the IHH was performing cataract surgeries free-of-charge and underwent surgery. Thank Allah I can see the light again. May Allah be pleased with people of Turkey."

100,000 people to undergo surgery

The IHH aims to treat 10,000 cataract patients in Somalia within a year. In Africa, 12,000 patients have been brought to the light so far. When the cataract project is completed, 100,000 people will have been operated on.

Voluntary doctors, nurses needed

Cataract surgeries are funded by donations from charitable people of Turkey. Donation worth 100 new Turkish liras is enough to bring a cataract patient to the light. Doctors and nurses coming from Turkey as well as local doctors and nurses are performing cataract surgeries.

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