Turkey's PM dismisses EP report as unilateral

Erdogan said, "recent report of the European Parliament on Turkey is unilateral."

Turkey's PM dismisses EP report as unilateral

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "recent report of the European Parliament on Turkey is unilateral. It also includes baseless and unacceptable elements. We think that the report was written in a style which could affect Turkey's EU accession process negatively."

At a meeting in Ankara with EU countries' ambassadors to Turkey, Erdogan said, "although EU's expectations from Turkey was listed in the report, the commitments failed by EU were not mentioned at all. It seems that EU totally ignored the ongoing negotiation process in Cyprus and the Turkish party's constructive attitude. EU also turned a blind eye to the facts about the Cyprus issue."

"It is always the Greek Cypriot party which hampered the negotiation process. As we said on numerous occasions before, 65 percent of Turkish Cypriot people voted in favor of the Annan plan in the twin referenda while 75 percent of Greek Cypriots voted against it. I cannot understand how EU can still blame Turkey and Turkish Cypriots for the failure to reach a solution. I want members of the European Parliament to open their eyes and see the facts. The function of the European Parliament should not be acting as a spokesman for the Greek Cypriot party. We regret that the European parliament failed in its first test about Turkey in its new legislative year," he said.

"If the European Parliament succeeds in displaying a constructive and impartial attitude, its reports and documents will be meaningful to Turkey. Despite all negative attitudes and all preventive attempts of some circles, Turkey will continue protecting its rights and make progress in its EU membership process," he said.

Prime Minister Erdogan told EU ambassadors, "as a guarantor state, we extend full support to the negotiation process in Cyprus. But it is clear that the negotiations cannot continue forever. Turkish Cypriots have already proved their will for a solution. We think that EU-member states should now take action and push the Greek Cypriot party to assume a compromising attitude."

Referring to Turkey-Greece relations, Prime Minister Erdogan said, "we are determined to further improve our relations with Greece on a new and constructive ground. I will pay a visit to Greece in the coming weeks. I believe that such high-level visits will add momentum to our bilateral relations."


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