Turkey's PM in Syria calls regional states 'relatives'

Erdogan said Turkey was also Syria's door to the Black Sea, Caucasus region and Europe.

Turkey's PM in Syria calls regional states 'relatives'

Turkish premier, who is currently on an official visit to Syria, said on Wednesday that providing peace, prosperity and security only in Turkey did not mean a thing.

Addressing the Turkey-Syria Business Council meeting in Damascus, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "Development and prosperity in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq or other regional countries do not mean a thing on their own. Because we are living in a common region. Besides, we have nations that are relatives with each other".

Noting that Turkey wanted peace, prosperity, stability and security in its region, Erdogan said businessmen, who were eager to make investments in other countries, looked for stability and confidence as well.

Pointing to the importance of regional peace, Erdogan said, "We have to establish an atmosphere of prosperity, peace, security and stability in the regional scale, not in countries one by one. Therefore, we cannot neglect the problems of Syria, Iraq or Lebanon. Their problems affect us too".

Erdogan said countries should act with solidarity and cooperate more in order to achieve such goal.

Commenting on the economic relations between Turkey and Syria as well, Erdogan said that he was pleased to see an excitement between the two countries, adding that the steps to be taken by Turkey and Syria would influence other countries in the region.

Erdogan said Turkey was Syria's door to the Black Sea, Caucasus region and Europe, while Syria was Turkey's gate to the Middle East, Arabian peninsula and the Gulf region.

Erdogan also said that the foreign trade volume between Turkey and Syria, which was around 2 billion USD in 2008, should be increased to 5 billion USD in the next 3-4 years.

"We have the political will to do that. Hopefully, we will succeed," he said.


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