'Turkey's unemployment rate 9.9 percent for 2007'

Unemployment rate in Turkey was 9.9 percent in 2007, according to a survey on household labor force by the Turkish Statistical Board (TUIK). The figure was also the same for 2006.

'Turkey's unemployment rate 9.9 percent for 2007'
The figure was 11.9 in cities and 6.9 percent in rural areas.

The number of jobless people increased by 38,000 and reached 2,333,000 in 2007 whereas the number of employed was up 235,000 and reached 21,189,000.

In 2007, 26.4 percent of the employed worked in agricultural area, 19.8 percent in industrial sector, 5.8 percent in construction, and 48 percent in services sector.

According to the survey, 72.9 percent of the unemployed were male and 56.8 percent of them had education less than a high school.


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