Turkish army accepts plan, journalists on alleged coup plot named

Turkish military accepted the existence of a plan, but denied it was a coup plot that included arrests of dozens of Journalists whose names emerged.

Turkish army accepts plan, journalists on alleged coup plot named


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Turkish military accepted the existence of a plan allegedly aimed at discrediting the government, but denied it was a coup plot that included arrests of dozens of Journalists whose names emerged on media.

Details of another secret coup plan by allegedly some of the generals in the Turkish Armed Forces were unveiled by Turkish newspaper Taraf daily.

According to the alleged plan, aimed to create a chaos in Turkey through a series of violent attacks that would eventually lead to a military coup.

Taraf daily claimed that the new coup plan planned by retired general Cetin Dogan and some military used most tactics that were already employed before the 12 September 1980 coup.

Dogan, who was 1st Army commander in 2003 was one of the important players in the 1998 postmodern coup.

The latest coup plan, called "Sledgehammer" includes details of operations such as bombing large mosques, including the Fatih and Beyazıt mosques in Istanbul during praying times. There also plans crashing a Turkish jet deliberately during a dogfight with Greece, by provoking Greek pilots or Turkish pilots themselves, if necessary.

After creating an athmosphere of chaos, the government to be forced to declare a state of emergency, and eventually a military coup to be staged.

Taraf reported that "Sledgehammer" plan is more than 5,000 pages long and includes an action plan to be implemented in the event of a coup.

Journalists to be arrested by coup planners

The names of 116 journalists who are to be arrested after a coup . According to the list, journalist Hrant Dink, who killed three years ago was among the journalists who are to be arrested.

Here is the names of 26 journalists listed, including World Bulletin's Editor-in-chief Akif Emre.

Abdullah Aymaz, Abdullah Yildiz, Abdurrahman Dilipak, Ahmet Tasgetiren, Ahmet Altan, Akif Emre, Ali Bayramoglu, Ali Ihsan Karahasanoglu, Cengiz Candar, Ekrem Dumanlı, Emre Akoz, Etyen Mahcupyan, Fehmi Koru, Gulay Gokturk, Haluk Orgun, Hasan Celal Guzel, Hasan Karakaya, Hidayet Karaca, Hrant Dink, Huseyin Gulerce, Kazım Guleçyuz, Mehmet Altan, Mehmet Ocaktan, Murat Belge, Mustafa Erdogan, Mustafa Kaplan, Mustafa Karaalioglu, Nazlı Ilicak, Nuh Gonultas, Perihan Magden, Sadık Albayrak, Serdar Arseven, Sibel Erarslan, Umur Talu ve Yavuz Bahadıroglu.

According to the Taraf, Cetin Dogan planned to arrest 200 thousand people who may show some resistance, and put them in Burhan Felek and Sukru Saracoglu Stadiums, as well as Umraniye Netas facilities.

According to the document, the purpose of the plan is to eliminate the threats against secular order and it has four phases: Preparation, forming the staege for operations, execution and restructuring.

According to Taraf, during the execution phase, buried ammunition is to be removed immediately, and stored ammunition to be distibuted as planned.

Alleged 'Sledgehammer Plan' also aims to mobilize "patriotic officials and civils' to deactivate the AK Party and its collaborators immediately. For this purpose, the plan lists the names of 843 people who are connected to military and would work during and after the coup. The plan contains shocking details about restructuring phase, including all the possible names within the civil bureaucracy and the judiciary who will be appointed, or who will be suspended from duty, as well as who will be arrested.

"Not coup plan"

On the other hand, the military made a statement on the matter on Thursday, saying documents quoted by the paper were part of a military training seminar but were never meant to be carried out and were not part of a conspiracy.

On the other hand, Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) said, in a statement on the official web site of the General Staff, that "the mentioned plan- seminar was included in the General Staff's concerted maneuvers for the years of 2003-2006. It's aim is to develop action plans against foreign threats and to train relevant personnel. The plan-seminar was carried out within a scenario covering a period of gradually escalating tension. During the plan-seminar held in the purview of the First Army Command, marshal law and warfare-related issues were discussed in detail."

"These allegations cannot be accepted by any people with reason and conscience. Taking these allegations seriously and commenting on them will only serve those who aim at creating an atmosphere of disturbance in our society," Anadolu news agency quoted the statement as saying.

The government has not commented on the report, which was published in a series appearing on Wednesday and Thursday.

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