Turkish court opens probe over Israel over Gaza war crimes

A Turkish office of the attorney general got started of the process of war criminal case against Israeli top officials, opening investigation for the first time.

Turkish court opens probe over Israel over Gaza war crimes

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A Turkish office of the attorney general got started on Friday of the process of war criminal case against Israeli top officials, opening investigation for the first time.

An Office of the attorney general of city of Ankara opened an investigation into 18 Israeli officials, including Israeli President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, the army chief and the head of the military intelligence, Turkish media said.

The Organization of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed People (Mazlumder) Istanbul Branch chairman Ayhan Küçük and other members and volunteers went on Jan 29 to Sultanahmet Court in İstanbul "to ask investigation for Israel's war crimes against humanity" for their involvement in Gaza massacre.

Mazlumder's indictment offered 134 names of the killed Gaza people under 18 age and charged Israeli officials to be responsible for these killings.

The attorney, Vahit Civelek, based the probe on 13th clause of Turkish criminal law.

This will be the first probe in Turkey on crimes genocide commited in another country.

The written application of Mazlumder cited "20 Israelis, whose names and involments in the killings of 160 Gazans are known", to be put on trial and punished for "their crimes against humanity according to the Turkish Criminal Law and International agreements."

Israel also faces more probes, by U.N. and Spanish court, over war crimes and crimes against humanity.

More Investigations

The 47-member UN Human Rights Council, based in Geneva, voted by a large majority on January 12 to set up a probe into grave human rights violations by Israeli forces against Palestinians.

Spain's High Court will launch a war crimes investigation into seven Israelis, including a former defence minister, over a 2002 attack that killed 14 civilians and a Hamas commander in the Gaza Strip, court papers said, Reuters reported.

Spanish law allows the prosecution of foreigners for such crimes as genocide, crimes against humanity and torture committed anywhere in the world.

Eight Israeli human rights groups have also called on the Israeli government to investigate given the scale of the casualties, describing the number of dead women and children as terrifying.

Meanwhile Amnesty International, which has investigators in Gaza, said that it had found indisputable evidence that white phosphorus was used by Israeli forces in densely populated areas.


The United Nations agency responsible for looking after Palestinian refugees has released photographs of what appears to be white phosphorus raining down on a UN school in Beit Lahiya on January 17.

The pictures show terrified Palestinians fleeing from burning lumps of the material, which can burn through skin to the bone. Paramedics sprint away from the incandescent core of the explosion as it engulfs a Red Crescent ambulance, before they return with stretchers to evacuate the victims.

Israel launched on Dec. 27 a massive offensive in Gaza, killing more than 1300 Palestinians, a third of them children, and wounded at least 5300.

Israel targeted hospitals, schools, mosques and government buildings and destroyed infrastructure system in Gaza, lefting Palestinians without electricity, gas and power.

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