Turkish Cyprus: 'Our borders not debatable'

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) reacted to the closure of the Lokmaci Gate unilaterally by Greek Cypriot administration late Thursday.

Turkish Cyprus: 'Our borders not debatable'
"If the Greek Cypriots have problems, we can discuss them. However, our borders are not debatable," said TRNC Deputy PM and FM Turgay Avci in regard to the decision of Greek Cypriots to shut down Lokmaci Gate.

A Greek Cypriot administration spokesman had said that the Lokmaci Gate was closed due to "illegal" presence of Turkish Cypriot Police in a certain part of the boulevard.

"That part of the boulevard is actually a part of the TRNC. All locations within the boundaries of the TRNC cannot be questioned or opened for debates. We will not let any arguments on TRNC territory," Avci stressed.

Avci called on the Greek Cypriots to correct their mistake. "I hope that the Lokmaci Gate gets re-opened," Avci told.

Greek Cypriots closed the Lokmaci Gate at around 2100 hours on Thursday. Following the closure of the gate by Greek Cypriots, TRNC Police also closed the gate for crossings.

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