Turkish FM compares closure case to anachronism

Turkish FM Ali Babacan appeared on a private Turkish TV channel and replied many questions, including closure case against ruling AK Party.

Turkish FM compares closure case to anachronism
Turkish FM Ali Babacan compared Sunday closure case filed against their Justice & Development (AK) Party to "a case of anachronism" (an error in chronology in which a person, object, event, etc. is assigned a date or period other than the correct one).

"Like seeing a plane flying in a film on 16th century, or seeing people wearing watches in a film on 8th century," he told private Kanal 7 TV channel.

Babacan said these developments do not befit a Turkey picture the world wants to see. "We hope people's common sense will prevail and all problems will be overcome."

FM Babacan said Turkey faces many problems in its region like Iraq, Lebanon and Israeli-Palestinian dispute, and has a terror problem inside.

"Turkey can overcome all these problems if all its organizations, government, opposition, legislative, executive and judicial branches act in harmony," he told.

Babacan said otherwise, these discussions and negative developments will weaken Turkey.

"Turkey's political stability is important for not only itself but also for the entire region. These developments in such a period when Turkey is even playing the role of a leader are very concerning," he told.


Babacan said Turkey is facing a new test but he believes Turkey will pass this test with success.

"This (AK Party) is a movement coming from the base. In a sense, this party was founded according to preferences of the nation and then it came to power. We do nothing contrary to the will of our nation, what we are doing are all in the name of rights and freedoms," he told.


Babacan also said closing a political party is in a sense a collective punishment, and it has no ground in modern law.

"I hope these developments will not cause any problems for Turkey's political and economic stability. Therefore, our party and government will continue to work with same determination," he told.

Babacan qualified the closure case as a legal process. "Therefore, this process will go on, but at the same time we will continue to exert efforts without losing our determination."

On the other hand, Babacan said their party is working on a comprehensive constitutional amendment but it will not be right to talk about the timing of the reform plan.


Babacan said no step that ignores will of nation in Turkey can be taken.

"However the recent development is interesting. On one hand, there is a party that represents the will of nation, on the other hand there is a judiciary using an authority on behalf of Turkish people. Bringing them face to face with each other is not a good thing for Turkey," he told.

Babacan said their aim is to create a "first-class" democracy in Turkey and their criteria is Copenhagen political criteria.

FM Babacan said the closure case also concerns Turkey's economy. "Democracy should be strong in Turkey so that foreign investors can feel themselves secure."


Babacan said foreigners first showed "bewilderment", then expressed "concern and sorrow" and then put forward their "uneasiness" about Turkey when commenting on the closure case.

"This is a development against Copenhagen political criteria," he said.

Babacan said further developments may affect Turkey's EU membership negotiations.

"I have seen (from recent remarks) that negotiations may be at risk in case of a development against the Copenhagen political criteria, or they may even be suspended. We hope such developments will not occur," he also said.

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