Turkish FM says int'l observers can insure viable Gaza solution

Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan called on all countries and members of international community to take urgent action regarding the incidents in Gaza.

Turkish FM says int'l observers can insure viable Gaza solution

Holding a joint press conference with his Syrian counterpart Walid Mualem in Ankara on Monday, Babacan said that UN Security Council held an extraordinary convention a few hours after Israeli land operation started on Gaza, but a joint declaration and stance could not be revealed in the meeting which lasted till late hours of Saturday.

"Veto right of especially permanent members of UNSC can sometimes lock the activities of the Council," he added.

Babacan said that settlement of a sustainable solution in Gaza could be easier only with an international observer group.

Upon a question of a reporter, Babacan said that Gaza had been like an "open prison" for years, adding that entrance and exit were under control, and there were problems even in transportation of food and medicine.

The guest minister Mualem said that Syria was supporting all efforts of Turkey, and added that Israel had been depriving unarmed Palestinian people from their basic humanitarian needs for one year.

Mualem also said that the attitude of Israel was not compatible with international agreements especially with Geneva Convention.

Mualem said that Turkey and Syria had the same views, and expressed pleasure about Turkey's reaction against incidents in Gaza.

Mualem said that Syria called on holding an extraordinary Arab summit in Doha, adding that it would be beneficial to hold that summit as soon as possible.

Mualem departed from Ankara after completing his talks. He held meetings with Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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