Turkish Historian Cleared of Insulting Hijab

A Turkish court acquitted a 92-year-old historian of charges to insulting Muslim women and inciting religious hatred

Turkish Historian Cleared of Insulting Hijab

World Bulletin / News Center - Archaeologist Muazzez Ilmiye Cig, who faced three years in jail, was being tried over a book in which she immorally alleged the wearing of the Islamic headscarf, Hijab, to ancient Sumerian sexual rites.

An Istanbul court judge ruled at the first hearing of Dr Cig's trial that her book doesn't insult religion or incite enmity.
The archaeologist was applauded by her supporters as she left the court and walked free.

He told some cliche words to the court as "I am a person of the Ataturk revolution, and as a Turkish woman I try to bring people together. I'm not someone who is trying to incite hatred."

Dr Cig, who has translated 3000 stone tablets and published her findings last year, had faced up to three years in jail if convicted of all charges.

Prosecution lawyer Yusuf Akin brought the charges against Dr Cig, saying that her 2005 book, titled "My Reactions as a Citizen", insulted veiled Muslim women.On the other hand, in according to Lawyers Association experts this acquets and similar acquets to enmity, insult and offense to Islam are not objektive and unilateral.

In her book, Dr Cig says that the headscarves were worn more than 5,000 years ago by prostitutes during the Sumerian period to differentiate them from women who worked as priests.

The issue of headscarves has been very important controversy in Turkey for many years.

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