Turkish-Iranian Cooperation Forum

Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Chairman Rona Yircali said on Monday that the new incentive law enacted in Iran to encourage foreign capital was an emboldening step for the Turkish entrepreneurs wishing to enter Iranian markets again.

Turkish-Iranian Cooperation Forum
Taking the floor at Turkish-Iranian Cooperation Forum, Yircali said Turkish contractors carried out huge projects particularly in Eurasia, the Balkans and the Middle East and indicated that projects undertaken by Turkish contracting companies totalled so far 90 billion USD.

"Increase in the business volume in contracting sector will boost job opportunities in other sectors in Turkey and Iran," Yircali said.

Yircali said Turkish-Iranian economic relations took their roots in history, and noted that bilateral trade volume reached 6 billion USD in 2006.

On the other hand, Turkish-Iranian Business Council Chairman Ali Osman Ulusoy stated that Turkey paid special emphasis on improvement of relations with its neighbors, since 2000. "Within the scope of this strategy, it is very important to boost relations with Iran," he added.

Recalling the problems in Turkey's trade with Iran, Ulusoy listed them as, "customs tariffs, transportation, banking, and fixing of minimum wage of Turkish personnel by Iranian executives."

Mohammed Nahavandian, Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Mines (ICCIM), said Turkey and Iran share a common vision and have common interests.

Nahavandian said Turkey and Iran could act in parallel in international platforms and listed probable areas of cooperation as, "joint investment, technology, transportation, tourism, energy, banking and trade."


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