'Turkish judiciary to do whatever necessary': AKP official

Senior AKP official Firat critized opposition leader, saying he is uneasy about the judiciary's steps and does not want the judiciary to investigate allegations."

'Turkish judiciary to do whatever necessary': AKP official
Deputy Chairman of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party Dengir Mir Mehmet Firat said Thursday that "the Turkish judiciary will do whatever is necessary for those acting out of a legal arrangment."

In a press conference held at the AK Party headquarters on Thursday, Firat said that "chairman of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Deniz Baykal is uneasy about the judiciary's steps. Baykal does not want the judiciary to investigate allegations."

Stressing that Turkey is going through an important process, Firat said that the judiciary and justice, democracy and stability, the Turkish nation and our future must benefit from and be winners at the end of this process.

"Every one must fulfill his/her duties based on the constitution and laws," Firat said.

"As the political party in power, we are acting with an understanding of our duties and obligations. There are certain circles who would like to politicize a probe being conducted by a prosecutor. It is impossible to understand Mr. Baykal's impatience. I would like to ask Mr. Baykal: Does not the police organization have a responsibility to implement the orders of courts and prosecutors? Do you think, Mr. Baykal, that certain laws are not applicable to certain individuals at different time stages?" Firat said.

"I would like to ask Mr. Baykal: Is it not possible to take into custody certain individuals at certain times? Are certain individuals exempt from court trials? You expressed that you believe in supremacy of law. You expressed that you have faith in the judiciary and courts. Why have you began to display certain individuals as innocent when the prosecutors of the Turkish state charge certain individuals with establishing a terrorist organization, using illegal methods and establishing a gang?" Firat said.

"Baykal wants to place pressure on the judges and prosecutors of Turkey," Firat said.

"As the AK Party, we hope justice to be revealed and to enlighten all the incidents. We will continue to display the utmost care so that this sensitive process will not become a topic of political rivalry," Firat also said.

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