Turkish Minister talks to British Flint on phone

The topic of 'energy' came up during Bagis's phone conversation with Flint.

Turkish Minister talks to British Flint on phone

Turkish State Minister and Chief Negotiator for EU talks, Egemen Bagis, held a phone conversation with Caroline Flint, Minister of State for Europe at the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office, upon a request by Flint on Thursday.

Congratulating Bagis for having been appointed as Turkey's new chief negotiator, Flint said that the United Kingdom always supported Turkey's EU process and that she is ready to work with Bagis in this direction.

Flint told Egemen Bagis that he has assumed a difficult position.

"Convincing 70 million Turks about the benefits of EU membership and convincing 450 million Europeans on the contributions Turkish membership would make to the union are tough tasks," Flint told Bagis.

Bagis, on his part, told Flint that the year 2009 would be a year of reforms in Turkey on the way to EU membership.

Turkey has displayed its approach to this matter by the arrangements it made recently, Bagis told Flint.

"In the recent past, the National Program was published in the Official Gazette and went into effect. Also, in this period, Turkey's state-run TRT tv channel began broadcasting in various languages, late poet Nazim Hikmet's Turkish citizenship was restored, and a state minister was appointed as Turkey's new chief negotiator," Bagis informed Flint.

"Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Brussels on January 19 reflected the beginning of a new era with the EU as this was the first visit by a Turkish premier since 2004. Turkey expects a favorable response from the EU upon all of these positive developments," Bagis told Flint.

"We expect the Czech EU Presidency to help the opening of important chapters and the United Kingdom government to help this process. I will meet with the UK Ambassador in Ankara Nicholas Baird next week," Bagis told Flint.

The topic of 'energy' also came up during Bagis's phone conversation with Flint. Flint stressed the importance of Turkey in resolving Europe's energy crisis.


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