Turkish NGOs call for calm amid political tensions

Turkish NGOs called for common sense, saying "Turkey is undergoing a difficult democracy and law test these days."

Turkish NGOs call for calm amid political tensions
A number of Turkish NGOs called for "common sense" on Wednesday.

Gathering in Turkish metropolis of Istanbul, chairmen of Union of Chambers & Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), Turkish Confederation of Public Laborers' Unions (Kamu-Sen), Turkish Confederation of Labor Unions (Turk-Is), Turkish Confederation of Tradesmen's & Craftsmen's Unions (TESK), Turkish Confederation of Employers' Unions (TISK), Turkish Agricultural Chambers' Union (TZOB) and Moral Rights Workers' Union (Hak-Is) released a joint statement calling for common sense.

"We are experiencing a historic day," the joint statement read out by TOBB Chairman Rifat Hisarciklioglu said.

The statement said Turkey needs common sense and calm more than anytime today.

"Turkey is undergoing a difficult democracy and law test these days. It is our common wish to bring our country out of this critical time without any injuries and harm," it told.

The joint statement said, "it is a mishap that we are still seeking common sense in days we are supposed to seek economic measures as we are seeing the impact of international financial crisis."

Turkey should focus on economic and social problems, particularly unemployment, as soon as possible, it told.

The statement said, "the Republic of Turkey is a democratic, secular and social state of law based on the first articles of the constitution. These indispensable principles are keeping us together."

"Every issue other than these principles can be a matter of politics and be freely discussed. The political process in Turkey raises despair and pessimism. It jeopardizes political, economic and social stability and prevents the society from directing its energy to positive areas," it said.

The statement said political parties are indispensable elements of democracy. "Closing political parties easily, restricting freedoms of institutions and individuals with the same easy approach harm democratic process and institutions instead of strengthening them."

Functioning of democracy

On the other hand, the joint statement said the principle of separation of powers should ensure harmony among powers, not cause clashes or feed the polarization that is tried to be caused in the society, and assure independence of powers.

The statement said the country is undergoing a tense process due to various problems concerning the constitution and political parties law.

"However, what should be done is to take the economic, political and social standards of our country to the level of developed countries, and speed up the EU process," the joint statement told.

It said Turkey needs a constitution and a new political parties law which is in line with the changing conditions in the world, meeting expectations of the society and integrating universal values with Turkey's own values.

According to the statement, Turkey should also strengthen the principle of rule of law.

"Turkey deserves a constitution that will be prepared with a compromise of all segments of the society after long discussion of problems," it said.

The statement said the NGOs are ready to contribute to solution of main problems of Turkey with common sense and calmly.

"We have no doubt that our country will walk towards bright futures when democracy is implemented in all institutions and when harmony is ensured among all institutions. Turkey has to get out of chaotic atmosphere as soon as possible. Nobody has the right to darken Turkey's future," the statement also said.

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