Turkish PM Erdogan addresses nation

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that lifestyles, ethnic origins, religions or sects (of the people) may be different but they are all riches that invigorate Turkish people.

Turkish PM Erdogan addresses nation
"None of these differences can stop us from uniting around virtues of our Republic and values of our nation," Erdogan said in his televised address to nation on Monday.

"I believe that this spirit of brotherhood will remain as our inspiration to carry forward our Republic, which is a democratic, secular and social state of law, to incorporate into the community of civilized nations," Erdogan told.

He also said Turkish people have to be well-prepared, wary and guarded against dangers.

"We have always tried to be integrator, not decomposer. We have struggled to protect the rights of our people always staying within democratic rules. We have never been far away from our people and never ignored troubles of our country," Erdogan stated.

Pointing out Nevruz festivities celebrated on March 21st, Erdogan said Nevruz is the day of the beginning of spring and friendship.

"However, some unpleasant incidents occurred (on that date)," he said. "But please look at those very carefully who tried to turn the day of festival into a day of fight. Isn't it a big paradox that those, who called for peace, laid the groundwork for vandalism that targeted lives and properties of innocent people?"

Touching on social security reform, which is being debated at the Turkish Parliament, Erdogan said neither current employees nor retired people will lose their rights.

"This law is prepared taking into consideration interests of Turkey. So, it will yield results to the advantage of our people," Erdogan said.

"We do not have any goals except from offering our employees better conditions," he added.

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