Turkish PM Erdogan meets EU's Barroso

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan met European Union Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on Monday as part of his visit to Brussels.

Turkish PM Erdogan meets EU's  Barroso
Appearing at a joint press briefing after the meeting, Erdogan said Turkey's and the EU's interests overlapped, adding that Turkey's membership would not come as an additional burden on the EU, but it would move part of the burden off the shoulders of the Union.

Erdogan also reiterated commitment for Turkey's EU reforms process, saying that the shared goal of the talks for both Turkey and the EU was full membership.

The Turkish premier said Turkey had made significant progress in advancing rule of law, democracy, and basic rights and freedoms, such as the launching of television broadcast in Kurdish on TRT, Turkey's state-run media network.

"We believe the Turkey and the EU share common goals and common values. Turkey's EU membership is an issue about the future of the European Union," Erdogan said.

Erdogan said Cyprus issue was also on the agenda of his meeting with Barroso, adding that he affirmed Turkey's support for ongoing talks aimed at a settlement on island.

Barroso said on his part that the commission attached utmost importance for Turkey's steps toward modernization, expressing pleasure over TRT's multi-lingual broadcast and appointment of Egemen Bagis as the new chief negotiator for EU talks.

Erdogan earlier met with Javier Solana, high representative of the EU for the common foreign and security policy.

Erdogan and Solana discussed Turkey-EU relations and international issues including the situation in Gaza.

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