Turkish PM Erdogan on EU court PKK ruling

The European Court of Justice's recent decision regarding PKK does not concern the essence of the issue, Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday.

Turkish PM Erdogan on EU court PKK ruling
Replying to questions, Erdogan recalled that both European Commission and the European Council officials made statements regarding the matter.

"The recent decision of the European Court of Justice regarding the terrorist organization is not related to the essence of the issue. This is just a statement regarding the correction of a procedural mistake," Erdogan said.

He added that such a decision would affect EU's position concerning the terrorist organization PKK.

The European Court of Justice decided to exclude PKK from EU's list of terrorist organizations on Thursday. However, the EU Council said PKK is at the 25th place on the list and the European Court of Justice's decision will not change this fact.

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