Turkish PM Erdogan says EU should confide in itself more

Turkey's prime minister said on Monday that the European Union (EU) should confide in itself more.

Turkish PM Erdogan says EU should confide in itself more

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is currently holding a series of talks in the Belgian capital of Brussels, attended a dinner hosted by the Friends of Europe and the Security and Defense Agenda.

Commenting on the relations between Turkey and EU, Erdogan said the recent problems in the world showed that EU should be a global actor.

"I do not believe that EU is an introvert formation which only cares for its own prosperity and happiness. The values it has introduced so far are universal," Erdogan said.

Noting that Turkey's EU membership has become more important under today's conditions, Erdogan said that Turkey would not be a burden to the union, but on the contrary, it would make contributions.

Erdogan also said that EU had to overcome the current global crisis.

"EU should have more self-confidence and it should act with solidarity," he said.

Erdogan said that the union should display an approach based on improvement and development, not on fear or concern.

"A hesitant and introvert union, which does not develop any alternatives and watches the global issues from a distance, cannot seize the opportunity to move forward. It is inevitable for EU to enlarge and improve its vision through new members," Erdogan said.

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