Turkish PM says Israel ridicules whole world on Gaza

Turkish PM Erdogan said Israel was actually ridiculing with the whole world with its acts in Gaza.

Turkish PM says Israel ridicules whole world on Gaza
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The chairman of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday that Israel had defied the whole world by hitting the United Nations (UN) building in Gaza at a time when UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was in Israel.

"Israil does not care about UN resolutions. Then I ask: How a country that does not care about UN resolutions can enter to its buildings? How can you say "UN Security Council`s desicions are indisputable, and then close your eyes to this massacre?" Erdoğan said.

Erdogan renewed his call to Israel to stop this war "before more innocent individuals and children lose lives and families get devastated," and talked about his visit to Gazans in Turkish hospitals.

"I visited some of the injured Palestanians who were brought to Turkey from Gaza on Tuesday. I`m not able to express what my eyes had seen. Some of the injured are completely paralyzed, some of them lost their both legs. Above all, there was a young woman who lost her one-month old baby who said "even if we cannot get anything to eat from anywhere, we would eat leaves on the trees to continue our fight until martyrdom".

"Israeli soldiers bomb civillian targets, hospitals, schools. There could be no justification for this atrocity. Who can explain why those young boys, women, elderly and children got shot? Even war has its laws. Every religion considers human life is sacred. In Talmud, sixth of the ten commandments is you shall not kill".

Speaking at a meeting in the AK Party headquarters in Ankara, Erdogan said that Israel was actually ridiculing with the whole world with its acts in Gaza.

"The world`s silence is worse and painful than Israeli attrocity. Israil even bombs UN indifferently. World watches this trajedy. European Union just watches it. Muslim world is fragmanted in bits. I want to make a call to the whole world: Do not close your eyes to this brutality and do not remain silent in the face of this massacre. Those who remain silent and do not react would be partners of this wrongful act of Israel," Erdogan said.

Erdogan said "Turkey`s priority is to establish cease-fire (in Gaza) immediately. Day is today of adopting a collective manner. I call everyone in the region to work for peace."

"Arab Union is fragmanted, acting indifferently towards this situation. There is a meeting in Doha that we are invited. Deputy Minister Cemil Çiçek represents us there," he said.

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