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Turkish Press Review of Zaman, Radikal, Vatan, Hurriyet, Cumhuriyet, Turkiye, Yeni Safak, Mlliyet, Sabah

Turkish Press Review

Turkish Press Review of Zaman, Radikal, Vatan, Hurriyet, Cumhuriyet, Turkiye, Yeni Safak, Mlliyet, Sabah


The constitutional amendment package envisaging the general elections to be held once in every four years; the president to be elected by popular vote; and a quorum of at least one third of total number of MPs is required for parliamentary sessions, returned from the presidential palace.

President Ahmet Necdet Sezer who put forward interesting views in the grounds of his veto, stated that the election of the president by popular vote had drawbacks.
Sezer who questioned the legitimacy of the parliament argued that there was not fairness in representation of the voters in the parliament and therefore this parliament could not make constitutional amendments.

A strong objection came from the Justice and Development Party and Motherland Party side. On the occasion that the constitutional amendment package will be adopted with the votes of 367 lawmakers, Sezer can approve the bill or bring it to referendum.


President Ahmet Necdet Sezer vetoed a constitutional amendment which would allow the popular election of the president and returned the bill to the parliament for review. Sezer said that the amendment does not rely on a social compromise or a public desire, and that it would mean "a deviation" from parliamentary regime.

Former prime minister Mesut Yilmaz said Friday that he would run for the upcoming general elections as an independent candidate but from the Democratic Party (DP). Mehmet Agar, leader of the True Path Party (DYP),, said he would be "very pleased" if Yilmaz ran from the DP as an independent candidate.


The expected veto came yesterday from the Presidential Palace. President Sezer vetoed the amendment envisaging the election of the president by popular vote on this ground. Sezer collected his objections under three headings:

1-A parliament that should be renewed immediately should not make amendments.
2-The election of the president with popular vote will cause distress for the regime.
3-The president should not be re-elected because he will have to bow down to pressures, and make concessions in order to get elected. Sezer said the authority of the state will diminish if the president was elected with popular vote and added: "with the extensive authority he holds he will not balance but govern. He will be stronger against the PM who is elected with less votes and this will cause a government crisis. The state authority will diminish."

FM Abdullah Gul said there was no preparations towards a motion for a military operation to the north of Iraq. Speaking to NTV news channel, Gul underlined that no demand came from the military and said, "the parliament and the government will support all kinds of operations that would bear concrete results."


President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit attended Friday the funeral ceremony of specialized sergeant Vedat Dayioglu who was martyred when a land mine, planted by the PKK terrorists, went off on Thursday near the southeastern city of Sirnak. Sezer, Erdogan and Buyukanit stood side by side as they prayed for Dayioglu.

President Ahmet Necdet Sezer vetoed the constitutional amendment that re-arranges the process for presidential election on the grounds that it would "cause an administrative crisis between the government and the president, and hurt the political regime." The amendment envisages popular election of the president and that the presidential term is lowered from the current seven years to five; the president can stand for re-election for a second term.


Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Deniz Baykal severely criticized the government for it's remarks saying "if the military wants we will give authorization."
"Can there be such a thing? Iraq issue is serious business. There is a political responsibility here. The PM is trying to escape this. The PM can not communicate with the Chief of General Staff over the media. If you are governing the country, you are first hand responsible; you will sit down and decide whatever is necessary and give orders." Baykal who stressed that the PM had a different attitude towards combat against terrorism, said "he is drifting recklessly.

On the one hand he is trying to please the public, on the other hand he is giving promises to Barzani, Talabani and the USA behind closed doors." Commenting on the constitutional amendment package that President Sezer vetoed, Baykal said, "if Justice and Development (AK) Party pushes this further, there will be distress."

Despite Chief of General Staff Gen. Buyukanit's remarks suggesting that a military operation should be launched to the north of Iraq a month and a half ago, FM Abdullah Gul said, "there was no such official demand in our meetings. If there is a demand we will give authorization." True Path Party (DYP) Chairman Mehmet Agar said, "there can not be a show off, operation in the onset of the general elections."


President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit watched together Efes 2007 military exercises in the western port city of Izmir. Nearly ten thousand troops participated at the exercises where they used actual munitions.

European Union Commissioner for enlargement Olli Rehn said Friday that Turkey's entry talks with the Union would continue. "We have got a firm authorization from member countries to keep up with Turkey's accession negotiations," Rehn said in response to French President Nicholas Sarkozy.


Efes 2007 military exercises held in the western port city of Izmir focused on taking preventive action against a virtual country which "supported terrorism and ethnic discrimination," a scenario which gave an impression of "a cross border operation." The scenario was that the orange country made ethnic discrimination against citizens of the blue country and forced them to immigrate and also supported terrorist acts against the blue country.

Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said Turkey expected concrete steps from the USA against the terrorist organization in the north of Iraq. "We have lost our patience, time is almost over," he added.


The expectancy that Turkish Armed Forces would expand the "Operation Hammer" it has been carrying out for the past month in north of Iraq border and southeastern city of Sirnak, beyond the border, increased the tension at the region. Turkish armoured units situated at zero point at the border across Haftanin, Sinaht, Zap and Behdinan are being monitored by the USA.

Two Turkish fighter jets that were scouting were followed by two U.S. helicopters. While the Operation Hammer carried out with the participation of 30,000 soldiers and village guards focused on the Bestler Dereler region, U.S. soldiers started waiting at the Halil Ibrahim border gate.

Turkish forces are on alert for 24 hours. The Peshmergas have started digging ditches near border stations. The top U.S. intelligence officials coming from Baghdad studied the border.

President Sezer returned the amendment envisaging the election of the president by popular vote, saying that "it had drawbacks regarding the regime." Sezer said, "a new system that is unheard of, is being implemented. This model neither presidency nor semi presidency," in the reasons for his veto.


Efforts are underway to confer the Turkish police with far reaching powers to avert terrorist acts. Measures similar to those the U.S. government took in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks would be in place if the draft bill goes in effect.
Mesut Yilmaz, a former prime minister, said he would run in the upcoming general elections as an independent candidate from the Democratic Party (DP). Yilmaz announced his candidacy at a rally he held in Black Sea hometown Rize.

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