Turkish Press Review

Turkish Press Review of Radikal, Zaman, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Turkiye, Yeni Safak, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah

Turkish Press Review

Turkish Press Review of Radikal, Zaman, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Turkiye, Yeni Safak, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah


Turkey said good-bye to its four more martyrs. There were both tears and protests to government during a funeral ceremony in Ankara. Kadir Yalcin, one of the privates martyred in southeastern city of Siirt, was laid to rest in Ankara at a funeral ceremony which was attended by Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit, force commanders, Deputy PM Abdullah Gul, several ministers and party leaders. Yalcin's grandfather Hasan Akkoc hugged his grandson's photograph during the whole ceremony.

Grandfather's pain made Yasar Buyukanit cry too. Crowd applauded commanders while expressing their condolences to the family but protested Gul and other ministers.
Following Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD), workers' organizations made a call: do not encourage discrimination. Unions, associations and confederations of workers urged all parties to keep away from remarks that would encourage discrimination and tension.


Following the scandals in Tuzla, Istanbul, the number of tip-offs concerning environment has shown a rapid increase, the penalties have folded. The total amount of fines collected in 2005 was 200,000 YTL, this amount exceeded 4 million YTL in the first five months of this year. This amount is expected to reach 10 million YTL by the end of the year. Osman Pepe, Minister of Environment & Forestry, says the amount of collected fines increased because tip offs were accurate. Pepe who said the environmental consciousness increased after the disaster of toxic barrels, noted that there is a great amount of tip-off at industrial zones.

PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted against anti-government slogans at the funerals of martyrs. PM Erdogan stated that terror is an issue that is above politics and added "some are trying to take advantage of martyrs in the election process." After saying that nobody has the right to do this, Erdogan invited political parties to bring a suggestion (for solving the terrorism problem) at the table.


The "dog fight" over Aegean Sea exacerbated in the virtual world. This time a video shows Turkish pilots that lock onto Greek jets, as they fight over Aegean. Videos are seen by record numbers of people on Youtube. A few months ago a "dog fight" video posted on Youtube showing a Greek jet lock onto Turkish F-16, caused a virtual war between two sides of Aegean Sea. This time someone with nickname DavidNorum who claims to be a Turkish pilot kicked off a second virtual war.

Turkey was once more shaken with grief of martyrs yesterday. A remote-control explosive went off in Guclukonak town in the southeastern city of Sirnak. Three of our soldiers including two officers were killed. Five soldiers were injured in the blast.

Yesterday Iraq delivered a protest note to Turkey upon demand from Kurdish leaders. Patrons of PKK claimed "Turkey harms the friendship between two countries." In the protest note, it is stated that Turkey bombed many villages in north of Iraq. There was not loss lives but many houses were damaged. "Stop the attacks immediately. This kind of events affect the friendship between our two countries," the note said. On the other hand sources from Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: "this is not a protest note. They did not demand to stop the operation. All they say is (we should act together so that civilians would not be harmed.)"


After a mine blast killed four soldiers in Siirt, this time a grave news came from Sirnak. Lieutenant Colonel Melih Gulova, Major Commander Ramazan Armutlu, and one private was killed when a remote-control explosive planted by PKK terrorists on a road, went off as the military convoy was passing by.

European Union enlargement commissioner Olli Rehn said that he was influenced by the movie, Midnight Express, when he saw it in 1978. "Some EU citizens still refer to this movie" said Rehn in his book titled 'Europe's Next Frontiers' and continued "Turkey is not the country that is described in the Midnight Express anymore."


PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a clear message to Massoud Barzani: do not attempt to operate on these lands. Erdogan said fight against terrorism would increasingly continue and noted that nobody should exploit martyrs. Warning supporters of terrorist organization PKK, Erdogan said "whoever intends (to harm this nation), or dares to operate on these lands, these people will ask for an account with its military, police organization."

Iraqi government was unhappy with Turkey's operations in north of Iraq. It forgot PKK terrorists in the region and dared to give a note to Turkey. Turkey's Charge d'Affairs in Baghdad Ahmet Yazal was summoned to Iraqi Foreign Ministry. However, Iraq stepped back regarding the note and said "let's act together in the region."


A new auction will be held if Sheikh Maktoum of Dubai does not pay 1.1 billion USD for the Istanbul Transportation Authority's (IETT) valuable plot. Istanbul metropolitan Municipality's Deputy Mayor Ahmet Selamet said "we are deliberating Maktoum's demand for 50 additional days (to pay the money). We believe that he will pay the money. But if he does not, we will annul the auction and sell the plot for a higher price.
Turkish furniture sector pushes the limits for 1 billion USD of exports. President of Cilek Mobilya, a Turkish furniture company, Muzaffer Cilek said "Italians and Germans have been coming to Turkey for manufacturing."


Malevolent PKK terrorists treacherously attacked again in southeastern city of Sirnak. Two officers and a private were killed, 5 soldiers were wounded. Terrorists detonated a roadside mine trap by a remote control while military vehicle was passing by. Lieutenant Colonel Melih Golova, Major Ramazan Armutcuoglu and a private were killed. TEN THOUSAND'S RESPONSE TO TERROR IN SIRNAK First response to General Staff's call on "mass reflex against terrorism" came from southeastern city of Sirnak. 10,000 people participated in "No to Terror" demonstration in Sirnak which has a population of 52,000.


PKK laid its ambush in southeastern city of Sirnak this time. A remote-control explosive planted by the terrorist organization PKK on the road went off as the military convoy was passing by. A lieutenant colonel, a major commander and a private were killed while five soldiers were injured in the blast. The military convoy from Hakkari Mountain Squad Brigade Command was on its way to Brigade Command in Guclukonak town in the southeastern city of Sirnak as the explosives went off. Lieutenant colonel Melih Gulova, major commander Ramazan Armutlu and one private were killed in the explosion.

Lord Chris Patten, British politician and rector of Oxford University, assessed France's new President Nicolas Sarkozy's idea to include Turkey in Mediterranean Union instead of European Union. He said, "this is a senseless idea that would fade like spring flowers" and added that "do not be influenced by negative messages."


Turkey was shocked yesterday by news reports from southeastern city of Sirnak while cursing terrorism and saying good-bye to its martyrs. Three more soldiers were killed in Sirnak: a lieutenant colonel, a major and a private. A military vehicle carrying lieutenant colonel Melih Gulova, major Ramazan Armutcuoglu and a private was destroyed by a roadside mine trap, killing all these soldiers. 4 others were wounded in the blast. Meanwhile, a mass demonstration was staged in Sirnak to condemn terrorism. 20,000 people marched 5 kilometers chanting slogans as "Turks and Kurds are brothers."

"We lost two distinguished officers and a brave private in an attack. We will never be intimidated. We will continue progressing on our path with the same determination till we uproot them," said Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding three martyrs in Sirnak


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