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Turkish Press Review of Radikal, Zaman, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Turkiye, Yeni Safak

Turkish Press Review
Turkish Press Review of Radikal, Zaman, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Turkiye, Yeni Safak


President Ahmet Necdet Sezer condemned the bomb attack in southeastern province of Sirnak, with a written statement. "All the necessary steps will be taken regarding the fight against terrorism. Turkey's rightful fight will continue until the last terrorist disappears," Sezer declared.

Citizens living in the Southeastern region of Turkey, desire to experience life's beauties, standing against terrorism. Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports of the southeastern city of Hakkari, organized a "Sports Festival" at "Bercelan Plateau" of the city within this framework. Many young people participated in the festival during which several sports competitions were held and traditional folk dances were performed.


A blast occurred in Bakirkoy neighborhood of Istanbul on Sunday. A resonant bomb caused the explosion in front of a shop on Ebuzziya Street, and 16 people were wounded.

The Interior Ministry has been alarmed to ensure secure general elections. The Ministry has taken a number of measures, and decided to allocate guards for candidate MPs if they say that they are receiving threats. Security officers cannot take leaves until the elections due on July 22nd.


Turkish FM Abdullah Gul said that all possible scenarios were discussed during the secret visit he paid to the General Staff HQ after Turkish troops were pointed a gun in northern Iraq. "I went to the General Staff HQ in a very secret way, and our Prime Minister (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) was informed about this visit. But this visit cannot even be found in the register of appointments," Gul stated. Gul noted, "we discussed every scenario at the General Staff HQ, and assessed every possible option with the Chief of General Staff. We reviewed the early-made decisions. We debated plans regarding all scenarios, including possible division of Iraq. The Chief of General Staff, after the treatment to our soldiers in northern Iraq, said that this would be responded in the highest level. The government has signature under that remark."

President Ahmet Necdet Sezer said, "the Republic of Turkey will take all required steps regarding war on terror, and will give the response they deserve to those who stage this and similar heinous attacks."


Former Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz thinks that a multi-polar parliament will be formed after the upcoming general election. "Therefore, as a person not affected by polarization, I will be very useful within the parliament," Yilmaz says. "There is an internal coalition both inside the Republican People's Party (CHP) and Justice and Development (AK) Party. I believe, there will be a great mobility and under such conditions, a centre party will be required by the members of the parliament as well. Not in the beginning, but in time," Yilmaz added.

Upon the recent death of 3 more soldiers in southeastern city of Sirnak, President Ahmet Necdet Sezer underscored that all the steps required by the fight against terrorism, would be taken. "The Republic of Turkey will carry out its rightful fight against terrorism in a determined way together with its nation, Turkish Armed Forces and all security units, until the last terrorist is overpowered," Sezer indicated in a written statement.


Lieutenant Colonel Melih Gulova and Major Ramazan Armutcuoglu were killed in a land mine blast when they were returning from renovation of a village mosque. They were accompanied by six privates. 44-year-old Gulova, who was killed in southeastern city of Sirnak, wanted to be appointed to the southeastern Anatolia region by himself. The lieutenant colonel and major will be laid to rest on Monday.

Commanders said, "the parliament should grant authorization to the government for a cross-border operation. This will have a deterrent effect on PKK and Barzani."


Ertugrul Gunay (who joined the Justice & Development Party--- AK Party) has always been in the social democrat movement. However, it is now one of the people closest to the AK Party and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to Gunay, CHP (Republican People's Party) is away from the public now, and AK Party is closer to the public. He is happy, but resentful: "If only there were a social democrat party (in Turkey) like those in Europe."

A resonant bomb, left under a bench in front of a shop in Bakirkoy neighborhood of Istanbul, went off and wounded 14 people. Windows of the nearby shops were shattered due to the blast that occurred at 3:20 p.m. on Sunday. Fourteen people were wounded with glass pieces.


Releasing a statement after three soldiers were killed in Sirnak, President Ahmet Necdet Sezer said that the Republic of Turkey will continue its rightful war on separatist terrorism, that aims at its unity and integrity, until the last terrorist is eradicated. Sezer noted that this fight will be carried out in determination with all the nation, Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and all security units.

Talabani and Barzani were behind the Iraq note given to Turkey. The decision to give Ankara a note came out of the meeting of Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani and Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, who met after Turkey intensified its military activity across the border with Iraq. It has been learned that Kurdish leaders tried to prevent Turkey on one side, and aimed to impose a political solution to Turkey on the other. Iraqi FM Hoshyar Zebari said that they are ready to discuss PKK issue with Ankara. On the other hand, Iraqi Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr said, "Kurdish people are a part of Iraq, and it is our duty to defend them."


Iraqi Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr declared that he was against a probable cross-border operation to be waged to Iraq by Turkey. Without paying any attention to Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani's acts separating Iraq and disregarding the administration in capital Baghdad, al-Sadr said, "If Turkey enters northern Iraq, we will defend the Kurdish people".

Addressing the nation in southwestern city of Burdur, Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "No power will be able to divide this nation. Terrorism will definitely be defeated with our nation's unity. One flag, one country, one state; this is our indispensable principle".


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan released a harsh message upon terrorist attacks. "Our state will continue the fight against the terrorist organization until it is eradicated."

Analysts and business world think that the escalating terrorism is targeting at the democratic process in Turkey. Terror expert Nihat Ali Ozcan said, "they want to hamper economic and democratic leap of Turkey" while Professor Dogu Ergil said that the real target of terrorism is democracy. The Independent Industrialists' & Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) called for peace, stability and democracy.


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