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Turkish Press Review of Turkiye, Zaman, Yeni Safak, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah

Turkish Press Review
Turkish Press Review of Turkiye, Zaman, Yeni Safak, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, addressing the election campaigns in Nigde and Aksaray cities, said, "what we long for is unity and integrity. We will not allow those who want to divide us." "We are here to serve our people. Justice and Development (AK) Party will continue to exert efforts for this nation," Erdogan said.

Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Deniz Baykal said it was a must for Turkey to enter north of Iraq to end PKK terrorism. Baykal said, "Iraq shelters terrorism. If terrorism there does not end, terrorism in Turkey will not end. It will be eliminated there."


Measures have been taken for African heat wave that will boil the country today. 10-12 degrees Celsius over season average temperature was regarded as natural disaster for the first time, like earthquakes and floods. Thermometers are expected to show 50 degrees today in Aegean and Mediterranean cities. Experts say people should stay at their homes if they do not have anything to do outside.

National Education Minister Huseyin Celik said that world's most reputable and prestigious universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, will come and establish campuses in Turkey to provide education. "This project is part of our targets," he said.


Unmanned aircraft can take high-quality photographs and can record voices. Its engine is silent and therefore it cannot be recognized. It can go up to 10,000 square meters. 200 "jammers" have been imported in Turkey in order to prevent remote-controlled explosives.

An assassination rifle, C-4 and A-4 explosives and some ammunition were seized in a house in central city of Eskisehir. A person, claimed to be a retired major, was detained in the operation.


EU commissioner for enlargement Olli Rehn said, "Texas joined the U.S. 70 years later, and you may wait for 60 years." Because of Sarkozy's last minute veto, EU opened negotiation chapters yesterday on two ordinary headings, financial control and statistics. FM Abdullah Gul did not go to Brussels as a reaction. Olli Rehn made a blunder while trying to break the ice. Rehn compared Turkey's EU process to the foundation of the USA and said, "Texas joined the USA 70 years after its foundation. If Turkey becomes a member in 2017, it will have waited for only 60 years." 50

Today is the most critical day for Istanbul. Temperatures will rise up to 39 degrees Celsius. If humidity reaches 51 percent like yesterday, temperature will be felt like 50 degrees.


The government who remembered the workers, as the elections get closer raised their wages with a rate between 10 to 34.5 percent. Workers whose gross salaries are above 1400 YTL will get a 10 percent raise, while the workers with a gross salary less than 1400 YTL will get a 140 YTL raise. Those whose gross salaries are less than 900 YTL will get 50 YTL betterment raise.

The units that are trained for combat against terrorism at the Egridir Mountain Commando school were presented to the press. School Commander Gen. Ekizoglu said the personnel were trained for performance on all sorts of terrain under various climate circumstances. Gen. Ozel denied the allegations that the training was insufficient and said the losses were due to urgent and indispensable operations.


The army, which has taken electronic measure against remote-controlled bombs used by the terrorist organization PKK, is preparing a legal arrangement to improve cooperation with GSM operators. One of the measures used by Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) against PKK attacks is to silence cell phones which are used as remote-control for explosives. U.S. forces in Iraq are using the devices called "jammer". Thus, many attacks were prevented. TSK applied local blackening for cell networks with its own electronic war capabilities, but the PKK used cross-border networks. The Defense Ministry is now preparing a draft law to improve cooperation with GSM operators.

The government and Turkish Confederation of Labor (Turk-Is) agreed on collective bargaining for 320,000 workers. Salaries will be raised by 10 percent this year. Those who are earning less than 900 new Turkish liras (YTL) will get an extra 50 YTL rise.


The number of people killed due to mine blasts detonated by cell phones has increased. The General Staff has decided to take technical measures in fight against terrorism, and thus GSM networks will be restricted. The draft law has been presented to the Ministry of Defense. The General Staff organized a meeting for media at Egirdir Commando School and briefed the media on measures against mine blasts. According to the draft law, telephone signals will be weakened in some regions, or the return time of the signal will be increased. Thus, mine blast will be delayed for some time. In some regions, cell phone signals will be totally cut from time to time. But, military authorities complain that Syrian and Iraqi networks start operating in some operations when Turkish cell phone network is cut.

Situation of 17-year-old Marco W. (German national) was brought to agenda in Brussels. After a meeting related with two chapters on which Turkey-EU negotiations have been launched, German FM Steinmeier discussed this matter in private with Turkish State Minister Ali Babacan. Babacan said, "this is an unfortunate incident. Germany should be sure that Turkish judiciary will be fair."

Private Kazim Beler died when a mine, planted by terrorists, went off in Sirnak. Mother of Beler ululated in Kurdish in the funeral. Beler had showed himself older than he really was in order to be recruited to the army. Another private was killed in a mine blast in Patnos town of eastern city of Agri.


A house, full of ammunition, was found in central Anatolian city of Eskisehir within the scope of an investigation that was launched for the bombs seized in a hub in Umraniye district in Istanbul. Police seized explosive devices, bombs, weapons and detonators in a house raided in Eskisehir. Retired major Fikret Emek, reported to have links with retired captain Muzaffer Tekin, was detained in the house.

Temperatures will be above seasonal averages in Turkey on Wednesday because of the desert heat. Temperatures will be 43 degrees celsius under shadow in some regions of the country, however, extremely high temperatures will lose effect on Saturday.


"Terrorist PKK organization can not represent my citizens of Kurdish origin," Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday. "There is terror everywhere in the world. This is exploitation, and we can never accept such a discrimination among our citizens. If what you want is freedom, come to the parliament. Turkish public's national unity manifests itself in these four concepts: One nation, One flag, One country, One state. Our unity against terrorism will rule out all the tricks," Erdogan said.

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), who has been criticized for failing to train expert personnel, answered allegations by showing the press the training activities carried out at the Commando School in the Egridir town of the southern city of Isparta. Gen. Serdar Ekizoglu, the commander of the Egridir Commando School-- which trains the personnel assigned to the Southeast region of Turkey-- underlined the following in the briefing he gave to the press: -96 percent of the training are carried out with real ammo and weapons. There are different training programmes for day and night conditions. -During trainings soldiers have to walk a distance of 27 km with a load of33 kg at their back.

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