Turkish security council discuss Iraq, Cyprus but no word crisis

Turkish National Security Council (MGK) convened under the chairmanship of President Abdullah Gul.

Turkish security council discuss Iraq, Cyprus but no word crisis

Turkish National Security Council (MGK) convened on Friday under the chairmanship of President Abdullah Gul.

The routine meeting of the council at the Cankaya Presidential Palace lasted for about 4.5 hours.

A statement was released at the end of the meeting reading, "recent developments both in Turkey and the world topped the agenda of the meeting. During the meeting, it was stressed that measures including all aspects of the fight against terrorism will be maintained till terrorism targeting unity of our country, security and tranquillity of our nation is eradicated."


"Recent developments in Iraq were discussed at the meeting. We attach great importance to that the parliamentary elections should be held in a transparent, legitimate and democratic environment with the participation of all sections of the Iraqi population. Developments about Turkey-Iraq-the United States tripartite mechanism for the fight against terrorism were also high on agenda of the meeting," it said.


"Recent developments about the ongoing negotiation process in Cyprus were also taken up. It was underlined that a fair and lasting solution is the only remedy on the island. It was also stressed that the recent report of the European Parliament did nothing but damaged the nature of solution process, the United Nations parametres, the facts in the island, the negotiation process and efforts to find a fair and lasting solution," it said.

"The problems between Turkey and Greece regarding the Aegean Sea and Turkey's legitimate and vital rights and interests in the Aegean and the Mediterranean were assessed under the light of recent developments in the region. We affirmed our will once again to resolve those problems under the principles of good neighborly relations and close cooperation and with the understanding of constructive dialogue," the statement added.

No word of crisis on Army

But the council, which meets every few months, omitted any reference to the issue dominating newspaper headlines.

The secret audio records by high rank military personels created conflicts across politicians, intellectuals and aldo senior commenders newspapers.

Turkey's nationalist secular bloc, including military and judiciary thave been try to cut the judiciary process, called as Ergenekon, what AK party governmnet strongly supported as part of the democratization process for European Union ambitions.

Two years ago, Turkey's chief prosecutor narrowly failed in a move to have the AK Party banned on grounds that it contravened the country's secular constitution.

The latest clash erupted earlier this week, when a prosecutor was detained. He was accused of belonging to an ultra-rightist militant network, Ergenekon, alleged to have been plotting a violent campaign to destabilise Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's government.

The body repesenting the judicial establishment, the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors, struck back by declaring the prosecutor's detention illegal and suspended and replaced the four prosecutors who carried out the detention.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Bulent Arinc blasted the move by the board, known for its opposition to the ruling party, as a "blow against democracy" and threatened to call a referendum to push through reforms of the judiciary.


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