Turkish, Syrian state TVs to shoot documentaries

Directors of TRT and the Syrian TV will shoot documentaries in each other's countries.

Turkish, Syrian state TVs to shoot documentaries

Turkish Radio Television's (TRT) tourism and documentary channel, which started broadcasting in October 2009, cooperates with the state televisions of the countries within its service area on the exchange of documentaries and tourism programs.

The channel has recently signed a preliminary protocol with the Syrian state TV on the preparation of a series of documentaries and competition programs.

Accordingly, directors of TRT and the Syrian TV will shoot documentaries in each other's countries.

Speaking to AA on the cooperation, director of TRT's documentary channel Hudayi Yilmazkan said that the channel aimed at entertaining the Turkish audience, as well as promoting Turkey's cultural and natural beauties to the world thanks to its broadcasts in 4 languages.

Yilmazkan said TRT desired to strengthen Turkey's image in the international arena by improving its relations with the broadcasters and relevant institutions of the countries in Turkey's coverage area.

Commenting on the documentaries to be shot by TRT's directors, Yilmazkan said a total of 4 documentaries would be prepared in Syria within the scope of the protocol.

Yilmazkan said the Syrian TV would provide all the infrastructural facilities and TRT's documentary channel would only send the directors.

The documentaries would focus on common cultural elements of Turkish and Syrian cultures, he added.

Yilmazken said that TRT and the Syrian TV would also prepare and broadcast competition programs, winners of which would be awarded with one-week holidays in Turkey and Syria.

TRT's recently opened tourism & documentary channel broadcasts in English, German, French and Russian languages in Europe, some part of the Central Asia, the Arab peninsula and north Africa.


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