Turkmenistan resumes gas deliveries to Iran after 4 months

Turkmenistan Friday resumed natural gas deliveries to neighboring Iran four months after cutting supplies over what it said were payment delays and technical problems, an official in Turkmenistan said.

Turkmenistan resumes gas deliveries to Iran after 4 months
"Turkmenistan has resumed gas deliveries to Iran," a source in the Turkmen oil and gas ministry said.

There was no immediate information about the volume of deliveries, or the price. Between 20 and 23 million cubic meters of gas were previously exported daily from Turkmenistan to Iran.

"These questions will be decided by heads of the relevant ministries in the near future," the ministry source said.

Turkmenistan cut exports to Iran Dec. 29, compounding shortages in the north of the country during record low temperatures.

Turkmenistan's foreign ministry said repairs to the pipeline had been delayed because Tehran was late in paying bills, something the Iranian side rejected.

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov met Thursday in the capital Ashgabat with Iranian energy officials.


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