Typhoon roars towards Philippines

People in the eastern Philippines have been warneed to prepare for the arrival of Typhoon Durian which has been picking up strength as it heads towards the country.

Typhoon roars towards Philippines
Already packing winds of 120 kilometres per hour, the country's weather bureau has warned that Durian could turn into an even more dangerous super-typhoon by the end of the week.
Durian,named after a pungent native South-East Asian fruit, would be the fourth cyclone to hit the north eastern Philippines in the last four months.
Forecasters have said that if the storm continues to pick up strength it could reach the capital, Manila.
Rescue teams have been activated and severe weather alerts have been broadcast across Luzon, the most populated island, warning of the danger of flooding and landslides.
Some villages ravaged by earlier storms have still not had electricity restored, but officials are already preparing for Durian's arrival with emergency response crews working around the clock.
In September Typhoon Xangsane left
dozens dead and widespread damage
 Meanwhile the coast guard has barred ferries in the area from leaving port.
In late September, Typhoon Xangsane slammed into Manila, leaving 230 people dead and missing in the capital and surrounding areas.
The Philippines was hit by typhoons Cimaron and Chebi in late October and early November, leaving behind death and massive property damage caused by flash floods and mudslides.
In 2004, the Philippines was hit by a series of storms which left about 1,800 people dead or missing including 480 killed by mudslides in the eastern province of Quezon.

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